Florida native Leland Grant’s successes and talents stretch from songwriting, producing, and musical development to television performance. The now resident of Nashville, Tennessee, has distributed his career working in film and television, on stage, and in recording studios worldwide.

Leland Grant's music is built around an expression of honesty. When he writes, he is sharing his truth, and his melodies are crafted to draw us in, to take us on a journey to a place of shared understanding. Leland was adopted at birth, and upon being reunited with his biological family thirteen years ago he discovered that his parents were musicians too; a twist of fate proving that music had always been in his blood. This innate musicality demonstrates itself in Leland's artful versatility. The diverse musical influences of his childhood have shaped him into the multifaceted artist he is today. Growing up he immersed himself in an eclectic mix of Motown, Rock & Roll and Blues. He learned the piano covering the Ben Folds Five, and he's also proficient on the drums, piano, and guitar.

Since first heading out on tour during college, he's been a full time musician for almost twenty years. Leland has been featured frequently on television, some notable appearance have been The Voice (turning all four chairs) and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno as a part of the duo The LiNE. His career has included stints on Hannah Montana and the new Partridge Family, and Leland was the keyboardist for the musical production A Fine Frenzy in 2006, after which he played keys on tour with Tiffany over the next two years while living in Los Angeles. Breaking into the Top40 charts with acts ranging from the Warp Tour rock group Sparks The Rescue, to country song-smiths like Josh Scott Jones (of the #1 country duo Steel Magnolia). Leland even works as a writer/producer in the indie genre with Maine’s #1 songwriter-artist Amy Allen alongside Grammy award winner John Mark Painter. Amongst it all he's shared stages with Emma Stone, Miley Cyrus, Questlove, 311, Kansas, members of Counting Crows, Jason Aldean band and even the Gin Blossoms.

As a writer he has had over 50 songs recorded by other artists, including Sean Michael Murray (singer of Evaride), Chris Young, Cora Keller, and Lava/Atlantic’s new hot act Cemetary Sun just to name a few.

Leland writes, produces and records from his home in Nashville.

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